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Hi I am Gerry Marson, welcome to my website. 
I have 40+ years of experience in the motor trade starting off as a motor mechanic. I have worked for dealerships in my early years before opening my own workshop.

Having successfully owned and run a European Auto Shop for 15 years, I have since invested time and money in diagnostic software and equipment and am dedicated to providing the highest level of servicing and diagnostics to the motoring public. 

Having undertaken a multitude of training courses and working with Autologic master technicians from around the world, I am able to troubleshoot and find solutions to most problems with European Hybrid and Electric cars giving my customers the best service and outcomes possible. 
My dedication to the industry is consistent in attending training courses to keep up with the latest technologies in the automotive industry, always fine tuning and adapting to change. 

I have opened my new workshop focusing on the changing automotive future of Hybrid and Electric cars. I have travelled to the USA for Master Technician training in Hybrid and Electric vehicle technology and am now part of the Automotive Career Development Centre (AC/DC) Qualified Shop Program (QSP).
This membership gives me access to a large network of hybrid and electrical vehicle specialists across the USA and I have direct contact with Craig Van Batenburg - Master Trainer and Technician in all things Hybrid and Electric cars. His training courses are of the highest level providing support and technical assistance in solving difficult and high technology problems that we face with modern electronics. 
If you would like to visit the AC/DC website for more info 
click here. 

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