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IM Group - Australias largest hybrid battery manufacturers are our main suppliers for quality Hybrid remanufactured and new hybrid batteries. 

IM Group are on the cutting edge of our industry and collaborate with partners worldwide. They are constantly working with engineering teams around the world  to develop new and innovative products for Hybrid and Electric vehicles. 
Our new batteries come with a 3 year, 200,000 kilometre warranty - for both private and taxi/ride share vehicles. Our batteries have a significant increased air flow over standard batteries but still need regular servicing to clean out the intake system which may cause a premature failure and void the warranty of the battery.

We offer only to private use vehicles a 3 year, 40,000 kilometre warranty on our remanufactured battery options. 

Servicing with Sydney Hybrid and Electric Cars will take care of these systems and protect your warranty for any batteries that we fit for you. 

For our new battery cells, these are fitted to an existing case. The busbars and sensor harnesses are all new. 

Batteries are of a newer style from overseas and have better airflow for cooling, are fully sealed and the modules are steel encased. They do not lose electrolytes from heat and therefore don't fail from drying out. 
PLEASE NOTE -  we don't warrant any battery that fails as a consequence of the codes;

- P3190 = Poor engine power
- P0A0F = Engine failed to start 

If the engine cuts out after ten seconds of trying to start, do not keep trying to start the engine. It will cause the Hybrid Battery to go flat and do irreversible damage. 
  • Toyota Prius 2005-2015
  • Toyota Camry 2007-2017
  • Toyota Prius C 2011-Current
  • Toyota Corolla 2015-Current
  • Toyota Estima 1999-2005
  • Alphard/Vellfire 2008-2015
  • Lexus GS450h 2006-Current
  • Lexus ES300h 2012-Current
  • Lexus RX400h/450h 2005-Current 
​Contact us for price and availability. 
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