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Sydney Hybrid & Electric Cars is the approved NSW Fitting Partner for EV Towing Australia of all towing accessories and installations for Electric vehicles, including Teslas. 

EV Towing Australia is an Australian-owned business that provides the whole of the Electric Vehicle (EV) community with high quality Australian Made products. They are Australia and New Zealand's only Australian manufacturer of certified EV Tow Bars.

Products include;

- Tesla Model 3 Towbar and Wiring
- Tesla Model Y Towbar and Wiring
- Tesla Model S Towbar and Wiring 
- Polestar 2 Towbar and Wiring
- BMW IX Towbar 

Towing accessories include;

- Trailer Coupling Lock
- 4.5 Tonne Forged Ball 
- Hitch Pin and Clip
- Ball Mount 190mm
- 8mm D-Shackle

They are always expanding the range so that everyone can enjoy the experience of environmentally friendly towing.

Click here for more info on upcoming products and warranty conditions. 
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M3towing canoes.png
M3 Towing trailer_edited.jpg
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Tesla towbar.png
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