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At Sydney Hybrid & Electric Cars, we are an appointed EVs Enhanced Dealer specialising in Nissan Leaf Electric vehicles. 

The EVs Enhanced Nissan Leaf Service and Reporting Tool or “SRT” is our latest workshop tool designed to better service the Nissan Leaf. Earlier tools such as our HV Battery Pairing Tool, the Instrument Cluster conversion tool, or even our HV Battery Translators have allowed our services to be easily offered to our customers. Some services such as firmware updates have been restricted due to the lack of an easy and affordable delivery method however these restrictions are no longer an issue with the launch of the SRT that we currently use. 
The SRT marks a powerful and simple new approach to Leaf servicing. Custom built in-house from the ground up, the SRT offers an easy, autonomous way to offer our customers more services than ever before.

Using a clean simple-to-use graphical interface, we connect to the SRT via the web browser of any laptop or tablet wirelessly allowing us to quickly scan the vehicle and choose from a list of services based on the recommendations of the tool. 
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Nissan Leaf OBC.jpg
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